DEA’s mission is to enforce the controlled substance laws and regulations of the United States and bring to the criminal and civil justice system of the United States, or any other competent jurisdiction, those organizations and principal members of organizations involved in the growing, manufacture, or distribution of controlled substances appearing in or destined for illicit traffic in the United States; and to recommend and support non-enforcement programs aimed at reducing the availability of illicit controlled substances on the domestic and international markets. 


Dr. Cedric L. Alexander, a 42-year law enforcement veteran, has an exemplary and proven record
of working with diverse populations and of innovation in dealing with major challenges. 

From 2006 to 2007, Dr. Alexander was Deputy Commissioner of the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services. From 2005 to 2006, he was Chief of the Rochester Police Department (RPD) in Rochester, New York, where he previously served as Deputy Chief of Police from 2002 to 2005. Before joining the RPD, Dr. Alexander was a faculty member in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Rochester Medical Center from 1997 to 2002. 

Dr. Alexander began his career as a Deputy Sheriff in Florida from 1977 to 1980, before joining the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and then the Miami-Dade Police Department, where he was as an Officer and Detective from 1981 to 1992.
He received a B.A. and a master’s degree from St. Thomas University in Miami, Florida, and a doctorate from Wright State University. (13) [see below Yale Law Journal Link]

Walter R. Clement, BS, MBA, MS

Walter R. Clement, Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice, Eastern Michigan University, 1996  

Master’s Business, Business Management, Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springs, CO, 2006. Master’s Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springs, CO, 2007   

Home E-mail:

Police Officer, Detroit Police Department 1977-1980  Corrections Specialist,Michigan Department of Corrections, Phoenix Correctional Facility,1980-1985  

Resident Unit Officer, Promoted 1982-1985, Supervised inmates in correctional unit housing blocks (Full time)

Police Officer, Detroit Police Department 1985-1995 

Underwater Recover Team 1985-1994 

Special Response Team 1986-1993

Criminal Sex Crime Investigator 1993-1995

Sergeant, Detroit Police Department, 1995-2013

Patrol Supervisor, investigate use of force complaints.

Financial Management Department, Supervisor/Manager Grant Writer Team

Community Policing finance/operations manager

Supervisor/Trainer Detroit Police Underwater Recovery

Field Training Officer (FTO) Supervisor 

Training Instructor, Detroit Police Academy

  • Officer in Charge of Firearms Range   

Criminal Justice Instructor, University of Phoenix, Southfield Michigan, Instructor, 2006-2007 (Part time) 

Criminal Justice Instructor, Colorado Technical University, Online, 2007-present (Part time) 

Licensures/Certificates (include licensure/certificate name, issuing organization, original year obtained, and current/non-current): 

Certificate of Training, National Standard of First Official Response to a Critical Environment training, United States National Standards of Training Association, 2010

Underwater crime Scene Preservation and Investigation Techniques,Michigan Justice Institute, Macomb Community College,1999

Faculty: The Role

Formal Teaching Experience (Indicate delivery formats as appropriate)

Bachelor’s/Associate’s Subject Areas Taught:  Introduction to Criminal Justice, Classroom and Online  

Criminal Investigations, Online

Law Enforcement Operations and Report Writing, Classroom and Online  

Ethics in Criminal Justice, Classroom and Online   

Criminology, Online  

Criminal Procedure, Online  

Interview and Interrogation, Online   

Victimology, Online  

Grant Writing, Classroom and Online  

Report Writing, Online

Introduction to Criminal Profiling, Online

Other Teaching Experience: 

Detroit Police Academy (Inservice training for police supervisors) 2008-2013

Use of Force, Leadership, Police Customers Service, Supervisor Report Writing, Job Satisfaction  

Detroit Police Academy (Recruit Training classes) 2008-2013

Patrol Tactics, Police Report Writing, Court Room Procedures, Officer Survival, Conflict Resolution, Proper Handcuffing, Traffic Stops, Patrol Tactics, Interview and Interrogations.    

Nation Black Police Association, Instructing on Grant Writing, throughout the United States 2009-2012; 



Val Demings, began her career in Jacksonville as a social worker, working with foster children. Despite seeing a few women in the ranks of law enforcement in the early 1980s, Val was inspired to move to Orlando to join the police force. She graduated from the police academy as class president, receiving the Board of Trustees’ Award for Overall Excellence, and quickly earned the reputation of a tenacious, no-nonsense cop. (published resume online google search)


Val Demings, took these lessons seriously, getting her first job at age 14, and became the first in her family to graduate from college. With her parents proudly at her side, she received a B.S. in Criminology from Florida State University.

It was that reputation that helped her work her way up the ranks while raising a family. During her 27-year career, she served in virtually every department, including serving as Commander of the Special Operations, where she was responsible for some of Orlando’s highest-profile tasks, including special events and dignitary protection.

In 2007, Val Demings made history when she was appointed to serve as Orlando’s first female Chief of Police.

Chief Demings was widely praised for her dynamic leadership and a significant drop in crime. She shepherded the department through the financial crisis and despite budgetary constraints kept the same number of officers on the streets. Remarkably, the Orlando Police Department reduced violent crime by more than 40 percent while she was Chief.

Chief Demings founded innovative programs like Operation Positive Direction, a mentoring program that empowers at-risk students through tutoring, community service, and positive incentives. She also launched Operation Free Palms, a project focusing on rejuvenating Orlando’s most crime-ridden housing complex, the Palms Apartments. Collaborating with city officials and faith leaders, this initiative included increasing access to childcare, building playgrounds, a GED program, and job skills training to improve the quality of life in Orlando’s most distressed community.


According to Wikipedia;

In 1983, Demings applied for a job with the Orlando Police Department (OPD); her first assignment was on patrol on Orlando’s west side.[5] Demings was appointed as Chief of the Orlando Police Department in 2007, becoming the first woman to lead the department.[8][9]

According to a 2015 article in The Atlantic, the Orlando Police Department “has a long record of excessive-force allegations, and a lack of transparency on the subject, dating back at least as far as Demings’s time as chief.”[10] A 2008 Orlando Weekly exposé described the Orlando Police Department as “a place where rogue cops operate with impunity, and there’s nothing anybody who finds himself at the wrong end of their short fuse can do about it.”[11] Demings responded with an op-ed in the Orlando Sentinel, arguing that “Looking for a negative story in a police department is like looking for a prayer at church” and added that “It won’t take long to find one.” In the same op-ed, she cast doubt on video evidence that conflicts with officers’ statements in excessive force cases, writing, “a few seconds (even of video) rarely capture the entire set of circumstances.”[10]

In 2010, an Orlando police officer flipped 84-year-old Daniel Daley over his shoulder after the man became belligerent, throwing him to the ground and breaking a vertebra in his neck.[12] Daley alleged excessive force and filed a lawsuit. The police department cleared the officer as “justified” in using a “hard takedown” to arrest Daley, concluding he used the technique correctly even though he and the other officer made conflicting statements. Demings said “the officer performed the technique within department guidelines” but also said that her department had “begun the process of reviewing the use of force policy and will make appropriate modifications.” A federal jury ruled in Daley’s favor and awarded him $880,000 in damages.


According to Wikipedia;

Valdez Venita Butler was born on March 12, 1957,[4] one of seven children born to a poor family; her father worked in orange groves, while her mother was a housekeeper. They lived in Mandarin, a neighborhood in Jacksonville, Florida. She attended segregated schools in the 1960s, graduating from Wolfson High School in the 1970s.[5]


According to her online Biography;

Congresswoman Val Demings represents Florida’s 10th District. The first in her family to graduate college, she became a social worker, then a police officer. 

1.)Rep. Demings is married to Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings, is a proud mother to three sons, and proud grandmother to five.

2.) Rep. Demings holds an honorary doctorate of laws from Bethune-Cookman University. (oh no!!, “FAMU, FAMU I LOVE THEE”)

3.) Rep. Demings is an active member of St. Mark A.M.E., Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Orlando Chapter of The Links, Inc., NAACP Silver Life Member, Florida Bar Citizens Advisory Committee, Florida Police Chiefs, National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives, National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives, National Congress of Black Women, and numerous other affiliations.

4.) Rep. Demings enjoys spending her very limited free time riding her Harley-Davidson Road King Classic motorcycle (just like Walter R. Clement). She has completed the O.U.C. half marathon as well as the Walt Disney marathon.

5.) Congresswoman Val Demings more than qualified to be a DEA special agent, or head of DEA Southeast Region, or Director of the DEA. Congresswoman Demings is absolutely qualified United States Supreme Court Associate Justice or Chief Justice or Vice-President of the United States.

Congresswoman Val Demings, Former Police Chief, sits on the Judiciary Committee and the Committee on Homeland Security.


According to Laura Coates online Biography “ABOUT LAURA COATES;”

” Laura Coates is a well-respected attorney, commentator, law Professor, author, and radio talk show host. A native of Saint Paul, Minnesota, Laura graduated from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and the University of Minnesota Law School before beginning her legal career in private practice. (3)

Ms. Coates practiced law in Minnesota and New York handling cases ranging from intellectual property litigation and First Amendment issues to Defamation and Media law.  Called to public service, she transitioned from private practice to the United States Department of Justice, thriving as a federal prosecutor. (3)


She served as a Trial Attorney in the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice during the Bush and Obama administrations, specializing in the enforcement of voting rights throughout the country.  She also served as an Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Columbia, prosecuting a myriad of violent felony offenses, including drug trafficking, armed offenses, domestic violence, child abuse, and sexual assault.(3)

Laura’s depth of experience and broad expertise has earned her acclaim across all media platforms.  Easily branded a constitutional expert, her diversified expertise is both timely and topical.  She is lauded across the globe for her persuasive objectivity and ability to break down complex and emotionally-charged topics plainly and without partisanship. Her opinions and analysis can be found in national publications such as The Washington Post, USA Today, and are prominently featured on CNN, where she has long served as a Senior Legal Analyst.

Recognizing the dire need for increased police accountability and improved police-community relations, she wrote the bestselling 2016 book, You Have the Right: A Constitutional Guide to Policing the Police. In the book, Laura removes the legalese and helps ordinary citizens know and understand their 4th, 5th and 6th Amendment rights.”(3)

Laura Coates comes from solid family background. Her father is a Dentist, and he too enjoys riding his motorcycle throughout, just like Walter R. Clement and Congresswoman Val Demings. Ms. Coates can easily serve as head of DEA, or United States Appeal Court Judge, Washington DC., or Governor of The State of Minnesota, or United States Supreme Court Justice. Ms. Coates is too qualified to run for Prosecutor of Hennepin County, or Ramsey County Minnesota because those positions are beneath her grade.