U.S. HOMELAND SECURITY DENTAL PROGRAM “straight out of Nazi madness and Adolf Hitler, Adolf Eichman. Joseph Mengele Jewish and African (Nam/Hare) Children’s Dental Handbook”

This letter was sent in March 2019 to the House Chairman Bennie Thompson of Home Land Security to begin an immediate investigation on a disturbing practice using Forensic Dental Procedure on immigrant Children detained at the border. I ask you to report this information on your radio program we need your help.

Chairman Thompson,


I am Norman J Clement, RPh., DDS (pharmacist, Dentist)

I am requesting your committee to open up a full investigation On the Department of Home Land Security, Misuse Dental Forensic Techniques, Computerize Dental Cone Beam Scanning, 3D imaging/printing, and other dental procedures on immigrant Children detained and place into custody at the USA Border. (straight out of Nazi Adolf Hitler, Adolf Eichman. and Joseph Mengala’s Handbook)


I am in training as a Forensic Dentist and recently attended the Annual Conference American Academy of Forensic Odontology (AAFO) held in Baltimore, Md February 18-23. The Department of Home Land Security, representatives presented a PowerPoint presentation on Chronological Age Identifications, by using Forensic dental techniques such as Panoramic Radiographs, digital scanning, Cone beam Tomography(CBT), as methods tracking, identifying, immigrant children being detained. (1)


Such methods used on live children raise serious ethical concerns.  Without parental permission, and use for tracking identification are very UNETHICAL and must be investigated.

According article dated March 2018 America Academy of General Dentistry

“Forensic odontology can be used to estimate age — and, like using bite marks to convict a criminal, it has seen its share of controversy.”

“Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s recent practice of using dental X-rays to determine whether an immigrant is a juvenile or an adult. This approach is “fraught with problems,” said Adam J. Freeman, DDS, DABFO.”

“Forensic dentists make age determinations based on different studies, methods and software programs that involve child, adolescent, and adult dental age assessment, said Robert B.J. Dorion, DDS, DABFO. “

Some methods such as carbon dating, aspartic acid racemization, and cementum annulation involve extracted teeth. Other tests require the analysis of radiographs, which may require the removal of teeth.

While Freeman said “he supports age estimation to help identify people after a disaster, he questions the ethics of using it to determine whether a living person has reached a specific age. “Is it ethical to submit a child to ionizing radiation without the consent of an adult?” he asked. “Is “Only nondestructive and noninvasive methods can be used for the living, for obvious reasons,” Dorion said. “Depending upon the study or the software program used for age assessment, it may provide


Is it ethical to take an X-ray for no clinical reason? Cases, where kids have been brought to adult detention centers, are unfortunate and a complete misuse of the science.” a median age or a standard deviation as a result. Two standard deviations is a measure of variability, which represents a 95 percent statistical certainty of an age range.”

Freeman notes that anytime an X-ray is ordered for age estimation, it’s incumbent on the clinician who’s interpreting it to not only view it from an age perspective but also from a clinical one. “You should report any pathology that is seen on an X-ray, and that is often not done with age estimations.”

Like other areas of forensic odontology, Dorion said dental age assessment should not be done in a vacuum without taking into consideration other pertinent factors, including race, sex, genetics, health, medication, diet, location, and environmental factors.

Sources: “The US Is Checking Immigrant Kids’ Teeth To See If They Actually Belong in Adult Detention,” by Mimi Dwyer, Belle Cushing, and Antonia Hylton, VICE News; “Age Estimation in Forensic Dentistry – A Review,” International Journal of Scientific Research.

Controversy around age estimation has been in the news in light of the U.S.

Please Help


update: I have yet to hear from my Dear Brother Chairman or any person on this committee, life, strength, health and wealth.

Norman J Clement RPH, DDS

Grad Florida A&M UNIVERSITY 1974 SCHOOL OF PHARMACY, UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY, advance training AGD University of Florida, McGill University, Montreal Canada, owner  Pronto Pharmacy LLC., Tampa, Fl

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